The Columbine Christian School curriculum is innovative, featuring alternative learning techniques. Students achieve mastery using interactive, handson methods, peer tutoring, and small group lessons. Drama, music, and art play a significant role in learning. Nature studies are emphasized with our own playground providing a prime habitat. Classrooms share a common philosophy of place-based education. Columbine Christian School highly values field trips and community involvement as part of the learning process.

Columbine classroom instructors use traditional textbooks linked with national standards. These include Harcourt Math, Scotts/Foresman science and social studies, Chall-Popp phonics, Pathways reading and more. In addition, we follow the curriculum guidelines set by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

Students in grades 3-8 take achievement tests each fall (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) in order to reference students’ progress against national norms.

Each grade level has a set of “Key Learnings” which is sent out early in the year to give parents an idea of the concepts to be covered during that school year.

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