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2016-2017 Calendar


Scholarship Fundraiser

The Columbine Christian School board has started a scholarship fund in Cindy McLean’s honor. We want kids from families who might otherwise not be able to afford it to attend Columbine and enjoy what Cindy loved about this place. The funds will go into a separate account at the school, and will be distributed by the board to families who need help to afford Columbine. Cindy’s husband Alex has given us his approval to go ahead, and any contributions made are tax-deductible. If you are interested, please make a one-time or ongoing gift to this fund in Cindy’s honor.

River Cleanup
Columbine Christian School celebrates Earth Day with an annual fundraiser focused on cleaning the banks and river trail of the Animas River, in Durango Colorado. For seven miles, from 32nd street to Wal-Mart, 120 students, teacher and parents get their hands dirty by removing approximately 70 bags of trash. The Animas River Cleanup fundraiser is key to the success of our school. We use this money to continue our efforts in the ways our students learn and grow. We are proud of the fact that we build inner strength in our students and that each class provides community service monthly. We appreciate any support you are willing to provide for this day or throughout the year.

Cascade Lodge
Cascade Lodge Overnight is a favorite! Each February, our students spend a night at a historic lodge in the mountains. Building community is an important commitment at CCS.

Wilderness Day
We like to get our students outside of the classroom to make great learning connections! Students in grades pre-k through 6th spend one afternoon or morning each week experiencing Wilderness Day. On these days students go outside to make connections with what they are learning in the classroom. It might be a hike to learn about mapping and elevation, a trip to a lake to observe life cycles, or some time on our playground identifying local plants and trees. These experiences provide valuable learning opportunities and give students a change to be right in the middle of our beautiful setting here in Durango, Colorado.

Christmas Play
Each year, students work hard to produce a Christmas play, re-telling the age-old story of the birth of Jesus in a new and creative way.

Parent’s Circle
The Parent Circle is an organization of parents which meets to discuss issues that concern the school and to organize parent volunteers. It is our hope to meet at least once/semester. Without becoming a gripe session, your honest feedback is valued to keep us in tune with changes that you would like to see us make. Your suggestions carry the most weight when they come with a willingness to part of a solution!

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